Leisure Battery 100ah/120ah

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 Ampac Marine/Leisure Batteries 12volt 100ah 940cca

Ampac batteries are specially designed to serve when there is a need for power in a caravan, Motorhome or a boat at sea. You can rely on Ampac Marine/Leisure Batteries when it is not possible to plug into the mains. Ready to use with simple and safe installation.
Easy to carry with handles and Dual Pole terminals 


Up to 400 Cycles 

Length = 325mm

width = 168mm

Height = 245mm (to top of terminal)

Magic Eye Charge Indicator

Thicker Plates for better performance

Anti Flash Back Safety Labyrinth

Significantly enhanced cold cranking ability 940cca

One year warranty

Perfect for Mobile Homes, Caravan, and Marine usage

Fitment List - this battery fits the following:
Specification Value
* Please check this battery matches your current battery size and terminal layout. We don't want to send you the wrong battery!