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We can charge most batteries for a small fee of £15.00, using Pulse High Tec chargers we can recover many batteries Normal charging cannot. Saving you Money.

Your vehicle’s alternator can keep a healthy battery charged, but it was never designed to completely recharge a dead car battery if the unit in question reads below 12 volts. Using the alternator to deal with such a depleted battery can actually damage your alternator. This is because it has to work overtime to fill up the battery while also dealing with the energy needs of the vehicle itself, while the vehicle is running. It’s also possible to hurt the battery by undercharging it in this way, making it less likely to keep the charge that the alternator puts into it.

With a seriously depleted battery, the best thing to do either before or immediately after a jump-start is to connect it to a Pulse High Tech Charger. These charging devices are designed to feed electricity into a dead battery at the rate necessary to safely and deeply charge it without causing any damage. 

Don’t take chances with your battery. Using the right recharge procedure will extend its life and ensure you don’t get stranded again.